Mysore / Mysuru

About Mysore

Mysore, the heritage city of Karnataka, the Yoga Capital of India has been considered the most powerful place in the world for its contribution towards Health and Wellness. Mysore, a destination of Health and wellness as a place, offers harmony of body, mind and spirit, to people with self-responsibility for physical fitness, beauty care, relaxation, meditation, education and health and nutrition . Mysore is a home to well-known holistic health and wellness. Mysore is also home of Naturopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda medicine.

The tradition of Mysore has always been a benchmark for the implementation of any cultural related aspects not only in our state, but also in the entire country. Mysore’s Royal Family, Mysore’s Sandal, Mysore’s Agarbathies have been trademarks and landmarks of Mysore globally.

Health and Wellness tourism in Mysore is in the infant stage. The primary motivation of the people visiting Manipal is for holiday and relaxation. It was indicated that there is a huge potential for the development of Health and Wellness tourism in Mysore. The profile of the city, its infrastructure and human resource would enable the Health and Wellness Tourism a significant opportunity at Mysore.

Places of Interest